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GRAFITEX GmbH was founded in 1977 and is based in Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen, close to Krefeld, one of the traditional centres of the chemical and textile industry in Germany.
The speciality of GRAFITEX GmbH is the manufacturing of chemical auxiliaries like photo emulsions, adhesives, lacquers, decoating and cleaning agents for flat as well as rotary screens. The products are suited for textile, paper, plastic, ceramic or glass printing
-simply every kind of screen printing.
We distribute all over Europe and to numerous overseas countries.
Due to continuous research and improvement GRAFITEX meets the most stringent requirements of the market with reference to new technologies, but also work and environmental protection. It therefore goes without saying, that, a long time ago, we have ceased processing chlorinated hydrocarbons, chromates or similar noxious substances.
Furthermore, GRAFITEX has been able to maintain the necessary degree of flexibility in order to also comply with individual delivery requirements.
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